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PUPPPs Rash in Pregnancy - Natural Treatments and Remedies

PUPPPs Rash in Pregnancy - Natural Treatments and Remedies

Do you have the dreaded pregnancy rash on your belly? Relief for PUPPPS (or PEP) Rash can be hard to find. Most doctors (including both my OB and Dermatologist) agree there is nothing you can do to relieve your symptoms except have your baby. I refused to believe that there was n!thing I could do, so I dove into research and tried a few things on my own. I found that there ARE ways (at least that worked for me) to help you survive the end of your pregnancy with PUPPs rash or even clear it up temporarily (maybe permanently!).

Keep reading for 5 simple and natural ways to help you manage your PUPPs Rash.


Natural PUPPPs Rash Treatment and Remedies for Real Relief


What is PUPPPS?

Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy (PUPPP) rash is an itchy rash that appears in stretch marks of the stomach during late pregnancy (or as early as 30 weeks in my case). It may also be known as PEP (In the UK mostly).

The rash generally starts on the stomach and can spread to the extremities (mine did). I had this rash on my back, near my armpits, my hips, and all down my legs. The rash was bright red and extremely itchy.

They estimate that PUPPPs Rash affects 1 in 150 to 1 in 300 pregnancies.


Symptoms of PUPPS

  • Itchy red bumps

  • Starts on the abdomen, then spreads

  • Red, eczema like patches

  • Severe itching

  • Blisters


Diagnosis of PUPPPs Rash

Your doctor will probably run some tests and do bloodwork to rule out other serious and potentially life threatening issues. Mine tested liver bile levels and proteins to rule out conditions like Preeclampsia and Cholestasis. Skin rashes can be indicative of other issues so they will probably want to rule them out.

Through my research, I read that skin rashes could be (and often are) caused by the liver being over taxed or having difficulties. While there is no exact known cause of PUPPS, I figured that it can’t hurt to support my liver and hope that it helps my rash. I was able to get rid of the rash for several weeks using the methods below. I can’t obviously guarantee results, but if you are like me, you will try anything. Plus, I know that if you have PUPPPs, any relief is good relief!

I went and saw the Dermatologist after my OB said there was nothing I could do, just to see what the skin doctor had to say. He did have all of his nurses come check out my stomach because they don’t see a lot of cases LOL but he agreed there weren’t many options for relief unfortunately. He did prescribe me an ointment (the same one my daughter has for eczema) but I did not find that it worked. You might though, so it could be worth a shot!

I want to remind you that before you take supplements/do drastic things you should run it by your doctor. I’m obviously not a doctor but I was a pregnant woman determined not to suffer with this rash, so I found things that helped! I am a personal account of these remedies actually working!

PUPPPS Rash in Pregnancy | 5 Natural Treatments and Remedies

Natural Treatments and Remedies for PUPPPs Rash

1. Grandpa's Pine Tar Bar Soap

This Pine Tar Soap straight up smells like old man, and your whole bathroom will too. However, I did find that it helped with the intense itching! You can use several times a day! There were a few times that I couldn’t stand the itching in the middle of the night so I took a quick shower for some relief, and it really did help!


2. Witch Hazel

I first started noticing my rash under my belly button. It was a few days after getting a Brazilian Wax where she also waxed under the navel, so I reached out to my esthetician to see if she had any suggestions. Now, it turns out the rash was obviously unrelated, but she did recommend Witch Hazel. It worked so well! I just used the cotton pads to apply and felt instant relief.

3. Coconut Oil

I tried using different body butters & lotions and they all seemed to make it worse. I switched to just lathering on Coconut Oiland it was so much better! Just know that it will probably make your shirts a little oily, I ended up just using the same three soft cotton PJ shirts or went topless towards the end of pregnancy!

4. Natural Liver Detox Supplement (Milk Thistle, Turmeric, Artichoke)

I personally felt comfortable taking this liver supplement because of the natural ingredients. I mean, is a doctor really going to say no to broccoli and artichoke? I think not. Of course, run it by your doctor first, but if it was a liver issue, I wanted to support mine in any way that I could!

Milk Thistle – The active ingredient in Milk Thistle (Silymarin) is an antioxidant that reduces free radical production and creates a detoxifying effect, which is why there are benefits to the liver. Read more about Milk Thistle and it’s benefits here.

Broccoli – I mean, obviously this is good for you. It contains phyto-nutrients that enhance phase II enzyme production that aid in the excretion of foreign molecules. (source)

Turmeric –  The benefits of turmeric have been documented for over 4,000 years. It is a great liver aid that protects against oxidative stress. (source)

Artichoke Extract– Contains the active ingredient, Cynarin, which is a liver protectant. It also helps promote the movement of bile which can help support your liver function.  (source)

Chlorella – is a green algae super food that helps detoxify your body. Chlorella helps remove toxins that are neutralized in the liver and delivered through bile. In the GI tract, chlorella helps to further bind the toxins in the colon for elimination rather than re-entering the blood stream. (source)

5.Juicing (I have this Juicer)

This is truly what I believe cleared up my rash. I was diagnosed with PUPPs at 30 weeks and could not imagine having to suffer for 10 weeks! It was just not an option in my book. The benefits of juicing are well documented and shown to help improve a variety of ailments. I chose to juice (rather than just blend) so I could help my body absorb the nutrients quicker. You probably could blend, but I just wanted to make it easier on my body and get relief as quickly as possible. After a few days of drinking this juice – my rash was completely gone! I started drinking it around 33 weeks (because I was miserable) and it was gone for about 4 weeks before it came back. So, I call that a success!

You will need a juicer! (I have this one)

Liver Support Juice (Serves 2):

  • 3 Juicing Carrots

  • 2 Apples

  • 1 Cup Pineapple

  • ½ Golden Beet

You can play with the ingredients so they taste best for you, but it’s a great juice! It is best when it’s cold, so pour it over a bunch of ice and it tastes delicious!

Do you or did you have PUPPPs rash??

Did you try any of these? I want to hear from you!! Leave me a comment :)


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Natural PUPPPs Rash Treatment and Remedies for Real Relief
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