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4 Simple Spots you can Declutter in an Hour or Less | One Hour to a more Organized Home

4 Simple Spots you can Declutter in an Hour or Less | One Hour to a more Organized Home

Decluttering your home can be an overwhelming task. Sometimes I feel like it’s just a circle of stress: You’re stressed because of the clutter but process of decluttering stresses you out. I know I felt that way at the beginning! Have you been watching Tidying Up and decided to KonMari everything? But now overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you have? I found it helpful to break up my home into smaller tasks in order to make progress with my declutter journey. This post will out line 4 spots for you to tackle today, that can all be done in an hour or less. Keep reading to get started on your decluttering journey today! Decluttering these spaces will help you feel like you accomplished something and keep giving you that positive outlook that is so needed on this journey!

4 spots to declutter now in less than one hour

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4 Spots to Declutter in less than one hour

to help you Reduce Stress

Okay, you might not have the time at this exact moment, but getting your home under control is just one way you can start feeling more calm and relaxed during your day. There is nothing quite like coming home to several spaces that need your attention…but you can’t give it to them. We are busy. We have lives. We have children, jobs, whatever! These spaces add to our stress, no matter how big or small they are.

Maybe you’re watching Tidying Up and feel overwhelmed with the work that needs to be done in your home. I’ve been there! (well Tidying Up wasn’t a thing but still). Having spaces in my home that are out of control is a major cause of anxiety and stress for me. I’ve been slowly working through my declutter journey and have learned so much along the way.

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The 4 Spots you Need to Declutter Right Now

1) Junk Drawer

I’m pretty sure any minimalist or Marie Kondo would say that you don’t need anything in there if it is classified as “junk” but I disagree. There are things I need that really don’t have their own place but I need access to them semi-often. This is where the Junk Drawer comes in. I recently did this again and it feels sooo good! This is definitely a space that needs attention every few months so it doesn’t accumulate too much junk and cause me stress.

Action: Empty everything out of the drawer. Throw away the real junk and organize what is left.

 Estimated Time: 10-15 Minutes


2) snail Mail

Go through your mail today and get rid of things you no longer need. If you are keeping old envelopes because of people’s addresses – put those in your phone and throw the paper away. Find something creative to do with your Christmas cards (or toss them!). I give you permission to throw away that 1,000th letter you got from discover marketing their credit card…

 Action: Throw it away, pay the pill, scan it. Make the pile empty!

 Estimated Time: 10-20 Minutes

3) Shoes/Entry Way

Where do you enter your house when you come and go? Is it the front door? Mudroom? Side door? Whatever that entrance is, do you have shoes piling up? Coats? Random crap you needed to set down? This space is something you see EVERY TIME you leave and EVERY TIME  you come home. This space is screaming at you to clean it or ignore it every one of those times. Wouldn’t it feel good to finally have it organized so you can leave your house in a calm state?

 Action: Put shoes you don’t wear every day back in the closets. Hang up coats and move the ones that are not used daily. Find a home for anything else that has accumulated there.

 Estimated Time: 15-20 Minutes

4) Coupons

We save coupons as if we’re going to use them all. Like, we rarely even use ANY of them. So, are these in your junk drawer? Or a separate drawer? Go through them and throw away expired coupons. Be realistic with yourself when you do this… are you really going to use it? Do you have time to go out to dinner?

Action: Throw away all expired coupons. Get rid of the ones you know you won’t use. Plan a date night if there is one you have that needs to get used!

Estimated Time: 5 Minutes


now what??

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