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4 Simple Spots you can Declutter in an Hour or Less | One Hour to a more Organized Home

Decluttering your home can be an overwhelming task. Sometimes I feel like it’s just a circle of stress: You’re stressed because of the clutter but process of decluttering stresses you out. I know I felt that way at the beginning! Have you been watching Tidying Up and decided to KonMari everything? But now overwhelmed with the amount of stuff you have? I found it helpful to break up my home into smaller tasks in order to make progress with my declutter journey. This post will out line 4 spots for you to tackle today, that can all be done in an hour or less. Keep reading to get started on your decluttering journey today! Decluttering these spaces will help you feel like you accomplished something and keep giving you that positive outlook that is so needed on this journey!

Top 5 Easy Tips to Keeping your Home Organized and Clutter Free

Now that Marie Kondo is on Netflix, I feel like everyone is talking about her/her book/decluttering their homes! I don’t love all of Kondo’s methods and ways, but I love that she is helping people organize their homes. For me, a decluttered/unorganized/messy/filled up home is cause for a lot of stress. I’m not perfect, and have a ways to go, but I’ve learned a lot over my journey this past year.

DIY Shiplap Wall | How to DIY Wood Plank a Wall for Less

DIY wood planks are such a great way to give your favorite space a fresh new look. There is always the option to buy and install ready-made shiplap, but we went with the good old DIY version and saved ourselves about $350. It was well worth the work on our end and I think it turned out just as amazing, if not better, than if we chose traditional shiplap. Depending on the size of your wall, this could be a super simple way to add character and texture to your walls! Even for us, it ended up being more difficult with the complexity of the wall, but definitely a doable project for any DIY lover.