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3-6 Month Nap Schedule | Babywise Nap Schedules

3-6 Month Nap Schedule | Babywise Nap Schedules

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Around 6 weeks we decided to implement the Babywise practices. I HIGHLY recommend the book! Parker was sleeping through the night (8-10 hrs) by 10 weeks! At 6 months, she has been sleeping through the night consistently with one short week of regression right at 4 months and a few random nights here and there. That’s pretty dang good!

I felt like every time I looked for a specific schedule, I didn't find anything.I wanted to share our nap schedules for those who are looking for a specific example!

First, it was more helpful for me to focus on wake times vs sleep times. Parker naps for about 45 minutes most of the time but randomly will nap for longer! So, if your kiddo is similar, maybe these will help!

Naps have been an huge cause of stress for me. I keep worrying about how many she should be taking or for how long. She was a chronic 30-45 minute napper from the get go and I just always hear kids taking two hour naps. I was worried she wasn't sleeping enough! On top of that, since she was born, she has been fighting naps hard. She just likes to hang out LOL But I saw this blog post and it made me feel better! Plus it gave me some good ideas as to a schedule we could follow. We implemented a consistent sleep routine for both nap time and bedtime and while that helped, I think her ability to be better at naps has just come with time.

At about 3.5 months, Parker was sleeping 10.5-11.5 hours over night and started to take 4 – 45 minute naps fairly consistently. Randomly, if she took a longer nap, or decided a nap was the worst thing that could ever possibly happen, she would only take 3. 

When we really started to work with a nap schedule, it was helpful to focus on wake time vs sleep time. I was getting so stressed analyzing how she only slept for 30-45 minutes or cried so much every time we tried to get her to sleep. Once I shifted my mindset, to focus on wake time nap time was so much better! She still fights sometimes, but rarely now that I know how long she's been awake and what she acts like when she's tired. If we try to sleep too early = lots of crying. too late = lots of crying. There is a good time...it just takes some practice to find it! It took us a good 4 weeks to find that sweet spot :(

At 3-4 months, Parker could only be awake 1.5-2.5 hours at a time. I started tracking all of her sleep and noticed her wake time started shorter in the morning and got longer as the day went on. Sleep Cues we see with Parker: fussing, yawning, rubbing eyes.


3-4 Month nap/wake time Schedule

Nap #1 – 1.5 hours after she woke up

Nap #2 – 1.5-1.75 hours after she woke up from nap 1

Nap #3 – 1.75 ish  hours after she woke up from nap 2

Nap #4 – 2 ish hours after she woke up from nap 3

Bedtime: 2 ish hours after she woke up from nap 4


Around 4-4.5 months, she started transitioning to 3 naps per day. (This is where we had our week of sleep regression where she’d wake up in the middle of the night wide awake for like an hour!) We had a little trouble at 5 months for a few days, but now at 6 months, we are consistently sleeping about 11 hours with 3 naps! (Of course as I go back to look over this post, we've been waking up in the middle of the night for the past 4 nights ...teething...introducing solids...now sleeping on her stomach...woof...)

Even with some random hiccups, she has pretty consistently been following this schedule:


Parker's Current 5-6 Month Schedule:

6 month nap schedule

There is definitely variety in exact times, but generally it looks like that !


5-6 Month Nap Schedule according to wake times:

Nap #1 – 2 hours after wake up

Nap #2 – 2-2.5 hours after Nap #1

Nap #3 – 2-3 hours after Nap #2

Bedtime – 2.5-3 hours after Nap #3

We start our bedtime routine around 6:15-6:45. Parker goes to sleep between 7 and 730 every night!

With all of this, I have found that Parker does really well with the consistency. She is happier during wake times and rarely fights going down for naps now! However, I have had to learn that flexibility is key and that Parker makes the rules 😊 She eats about 6 times a day and I focus on a feeding schedule separate from nap schedules. She eats about every 2.5-3.5 hours.  Usually Wake/Eat, Nap, Eat, Eat, Nap, Eat, Nap, Eat, Eat, Sleep.


What do your days look like??

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