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What you Really Need for a Newborn | A Practical List and Minimalist Guide of Newborn Necessities for your Perfect Baby Registry

What you Really Need for a Newborn | A Practical List and Minimalist Guide of Newborn Necessities for your Perfect Baby Registry

This Practical Newborn Registry List is a no-frills list of what is truly necessary for a Newborn. It should help you build your perfect registry! As a minimalist wannabe, I’ve come up with the perfect practical list of things you need for your baby registry and things you will ACTUALLY use once they are born! It can be difficult to predict which newborn necessities are actually necessities, but I hope this list finds you well and helps guide you in the right direction. This post is from my very real baby experience and I promise it will help you build your Amazon (or other) Baby Registry!

As always, I try to provide natural products that are cost effective :)

What you Really Need for a Newborn | A Practical List and Minimalist Guide to the Perfect Baby Registry

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Updated February 2019


The past few weeks have been the most rewarding and tiring of my life! Having a new baby is definitely an adjustment, but any challenges that arise are just so so worth it. I went into this whole thing pretty blind...I mean all I ever see and hear is that "every baby is different" and that is very very true. I researched "must haves" for registries and saw posts in random Facebook groups. I decided to write up what I've found useful so far and what has been working for us :)

Have you been reading list after list overwhelmed with what you really need for your newborn? Nervous about what you actually need to buy or prepare for? Well, I wish the nerves would go away and I could give you every last secret, but unfortunately there is always the piece that you can never TRULY be prepared. You just have to trust that everything will work out! Because, you are a great mom. You are a great person and everything can be purchased at a later time :)

I personally own and can state that these items are worth it! It is important that you know that every baby and every experience is different! It’s kind of like parenting, you try something and either it works or it doesn’t lol


1. Bassinet & Bassinet Sheets for our room

UPDATE Parker was out of her bassinet at 7 weeks, she out grew it lol we ended up moving her crib into our room and she slept in there. I would probably skip the bassinet entirely and just either move the crib into your room or use the pack and play! I've also heard great things about the dock-a-tot but we didn't use one. They also sell mini cribs that you can get too if you are short on space!

2. Boppy Newborn Lounger

The Boppy Newborn Lounger isn't technically for overnight sleeping, but I could not have survived without this! Newborn babies really just don't do anything except lay and be the cutest things ever lol! We hung out a lot in a lot of different places and this was such a comfortable and portable place to chill.

3. Becoming Babywise

This book is legit. I was told to get it by a coworker and since then, have talked to so many people who have seen success with it! That's just the people I know personally!! I started implemeting this strategy around 6-8 weeks and P was sleeping through the night at 10 weeks and continued ever since. She has been such a great sleeper since then, I truly can't recommend This book enough!!


1. Pack and Play with Newborn Station

So, the Pack and Play with Newborn Station has been amazing for us!!! We use it as our downstairs changing station most! We turn the changer upside down and it becomes a bassinet that she can sleep/chill in while we get a few things done around the main floor. I think it is our most used item at this point!

2. Changing Pad

We have this Changing Pad on top of a dresser (See my DIY Dresser Here) in her bedroom. I only had one cover but have since realized that babies are super messy and it's good to have a back up while you wash the dirty one!

Update I rarely put the cover on at this point. It's easier to just wipe the pad when she pees all over it :)

3. Diapers

We brought home a bunch of Huggies Diapers from the hospital and used those in the first two weeks. We've moved on to Pamper's Swaddlers but are going to try out some different kinds here to see what we like/if we can save $. I personally wouldn't buy too many of one kind at first so you can settle in with what you enjoy! There are a ton of options and it's hard to know what will work best before the baby is wearing them!

4. Water Wipes

These Water Wipes are seriously the best. I can't speak highly enough about them! It is something I truly will never skimp on. My daughter has sensitive skin and these work wonders for her! They're natural and gentle and worth every penny. I useSubscribe and Saveto get them a little bit cheaper too!

5. Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil has so many uses for newborns, it's kind of crazy! We use it as a lotion, diaper cream, for baby acne, cradle cap, little cuts and scrapes, and chapped lips. I could not make it without this stuff!


1. Baby Bath Tub

We started using this tub after the umbilical cord fell off and have been using it literally for over a year. At 15 months, we finally moved on to the big girl bath LOL I highly recommend this tub, we will be using it for #2 100%.

2. Baby Soap for Sensitive Skin

I absolutely love this California Baby Soap. With the super sensitive skin and eczema, this soap has been perfect for us! It's not cheap, but it's all natural and works so well, I highly recommend it!

3. Waterfall Rinser

You're going to have to wash the body and hair, This Waterfall Rinser is perfect!

4. Hooded Towels

These Hooded Towels are so great for little babies! We loved using them. I will say that around 6 months my daughter was outgrowing them (she was big so maybe yours will last longer lol!). We now just use our regular adult towels, but I am glad we had a few of these for the newborn stage!

5. Organic Wash Cloths

These Organic Wash Cloths are so incredibly soft and perfect for wiping faces and cleaning ears during bath time. I want to use them for myself becuase they're so soft!!


1. Sleep and Plays

In my opinoin, getting a onesie over a newborn head is not the bets job. They also get milk/poop/pee/spit up over everything and you end up changing them so much! We absolutely LIVED in Sleep and Plays and found it so much easier than onesies. Don't get me wrong, we used some, but these were much more valuable!

2. Sleep Sack wtih Swaddle (Optional)

Full Disclosurewe didn’t swaddle, so I didn’t end up using Thse Sleep Sacks, but most people do. I would maybe get 1 or 2 newborn sized, but these babies grow so fast you'll probably want to size up quickly!

3. White Shirts (Optional)

These shirts are nice to wear under the sleepers or with pants until the umbilical cord falls off. That only takes a week or so, so you only need a few!

4. Cute Onesies

I wouldn't buy any before you have a baby shower. People always bring clothes!! You will need some though, so be prepared to purchase a few things. I’d personally not get any that are NB size. The first few weeks they’re too hard to put on anyway, so by the time it gets easier she will be in 0-3 months.

5. Long Sleeve White Onesies

We were gifted a ton of short sleeve onesies as gifts but it wasn’t warm enough to wear them. So we threw on Long Sleeve White Onesies underneath!

6. Socks

We lived in sleepers so I didn’t use these much and babies do a really good job of kicking them off. However, if you’re going the onesie/pants route - you’ll want infant socks to go with them.


1. Coconut Oil

We used Coconut Oil for baby acne, little cuts because they scratch themselves, dry skin, eczema, and diaper cream. She literally didn’t get a diaper rash until she was 9 months old!!

2. Baby Nail Clippers and File

We filed the nails at the beginning but found that cutting lasted longer. It's not an easy job, but it's one we have to do! These are definitely something you need!

3. Laundry Detergent

You don't need to buy baby laundry soap. Dreft is a waste of money!! Get yourself a free & clear detergent. Or better yet, DIY this one for a much cheaper and natural version! Trust me, I love my laundry soap!

4. Shoes (Optional)

Now, you don't really need shoes for a NEWBORN per say, but it could be a helpful item to throw on your registry. You WILL need them eventually and they grow so darn fast you could register for a few sizes so you are prepared!


1. Boppy Nursing Pillow

I could not have survived nursing without this Boppy Nursing Pillow. It was the only way we could find a good position! It's not only good for nursing but it's good for proping up baby while laying, tummy time, AND for sitting practice. It's truly an amazing invention! And it is an item YOU NEED/a> in my opinion!

2. Burp Cloths

Yeah, you need these. The spit up is not something you can avoid!

3. Nipple Cream

I tried so many Like every one available lol this stuff is the best, I promise!!

4. Soothing Gel Nipple Pads

Ask your nurse for some at the hospital, mine sent me home with some! These are a life saverrrrr! Otherwise, buy some. You absolutely won't regret it!

5. Nursing Pads

I'm really glad I got these Nursing Pads ! The leaking at the beginning was BAD and I needed to wear these around the clock. These Nursing Pads are comfortable and very absorbant!

6. Breast Pump

You should qualify for a free one with insurance! I used this site and it was super easy.

I used the Medela Pump in Style for baby #1, most people who use it, love it! I ended up getting the Spectra S2 for baby #2 because I felt like I didn't respond well to the Medela. We will see how it goes!

7. Breast milk Freezer Storage Bags

I have no opinion on which type except that I want to say...DO NOT USE TARGET BRAND - THEY SUCK! AND LEAK WHEN THAWING.

8. Nursing Friendly PJs, Bras, and Tanktops

I have gotten a few different tank tops, but I like the ones from Walmart and old navy. The Walmart ones have lace on them which isn't really my thing, but they work!

9. Nursing Cover

I found the scarf covers were awkward and hard to use. This Apron Kind was much easier for me to navigate!

10. Bottles

If you plan on exclusively nursing, you wont need many. However, it's good to have a few bottles for the occaisions that you actually leave your kid for a few minutes! We really liked the Phillips Avent Bottlesfew bottles, but some people say you have to try several before you find the right kind. We found this one was good right away.


1. Car Seat

I love This Car Seat ! It was light weight, had good safety ratings, and the base was super easy to install! My friend that is a police officer also agreed with the installation pieces :)

One thing to keep in mind is that you are also choosing a stroller when you choose your carrier. We love the Uppa Baby line but it is quite expensive! I would do your research on strollers, go to the store and test them out, and that might help you narrow down a car seat!

2. Stroller

I recommend going to the store and pushing/folding/carrying strollers before you decide. I LOVE my Uppa Baby Cruz Strollerr and car seat. It is light weight, easy to fold, and rolls nice. There are so many options out there though!

One thing I have to recommend...If you plan on having children close together, look into a stroller that can be used for two kids. Like the Uppa Baby Vista. They're more expensive...but I'm regretting not upgrading last time since now I'm about to have two under two!

3. Extra Car Seat Base

If you have two cars that both get used or a family member that will be responsible for driving the baby, you will want them in multiple cars so you can easily click in the baby!

4. Future Convertible Car Seat

I’m so glad we registered for the convertible carseat, we ended up switching P out of her carrier around 9 months because she was too heavy lol We had to buy a second one for the husband’s car + baby #2 on the way so I’m so happy we already had one!

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What you Really Need for a Newborn | A Practical List and Minimalist Guide to the Perfect Baby Registry
What you Really Need for a Newborn | A Practical List and Minimalist Guide to the Perfect Baby Registry
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