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Whole30 Week 2 Meal Plan

Whole30 Week 2 Meal Plan

Ok - we are all planned for this coming week! It does take some time to plan your meals, but there is NO WAY I could ever do this without planning in advance. To me, that's setting yourself up to fail BIG TIME!

We had the wedding last night and we kept it at about Whole30 90%! I was very proud of us :) I didn't have any alcohol or any appetizers (that was really tough!). I was drinking water slightly worried people would think I'm pregnant (I'm not) and then quickly got over it! I was happy our chicken dish didn't have any weird sauce on it so I was still good to eat it!! I did have a few bites of the potatoes that definitely had cheese in them, but that's ok... I'll survive!!!!

I'll be eating out twice so Ryan is making two big batch crockpot dishes that he can eat while I'm gone and will serve as lunch for the rest of the week.

We are big fans of making enough dinner to have leftovers for lunch - one less thing to cook up!

Here is our plan for the week:

We are using some recipes from the whole30 book, some of our own, and some from pinterest! I will keep updating as we go and blog about some of our own recipes :)

Here are links to some of the recipes I found online:

Pork Chops

Beef Stew

Breakfast Sausage (for the breakfast skillet)

I also typed up my grocery list if you wanted to use our plan!

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