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What I learned my first week on Whole30 | Whole30 Week 1 Update | Week 2 Meal Plan

What I learned my first week on Whole30 | Whole30 Week 1 Update | Week 2 Meal Plan

What I learned my first week on Whole 30 | Whole 30 Week 1 Update | Week 2 Meal Plan

First, I have to say, I'm loving this so far! It's really not bad at all. I think part of the reason I love it to is because I'm proving to myself that the food doesn't own me. I can control what I eat and when I eat it, not the other way around. I like that I have to be 100%. I don't personally like the 80-20 rule when you have big goals. That 20% is hard to measure for me, and one cheat leads to a binge sometimes. So, 100% is my jam right now.

I feel better and am sleeping better already. I will say that I've been eating less sugar for the past few months so my transition was pretty easy. I have heard that the longer you have been putting those bad foods into your body the longer it takes to transition (so you might experience fatigue, headaches, or achy-ness for the first week or so) I have been tired this week, but I don't know if that was because teaching is exhausting, that time of the month, or whole30. Hard to say! Ryan has not reported any headaches or fatigue - but he says it's because he uses very little energy sitting at his desk all day LOL


I will also say that I was in the right mindset. I knew this was a change I really wanted to make (I've been thinking about doing it for like a year and have now finally decided to just do it!!)

But the best thing, is that after just 6 days I'm definitely less bloated around the middle! Lets hope that keeps shrinking for the next 24 days :)

All of the food we have had so far has been DELICIOUS! I really enjoy the Whole30 recipes in the book! Here is the link if you are interested about learning more about the program:

My favorite recipes from the week were:

  • Spinach Frittata*

  • Pulled Pork Carnitas (eat with guac!!)*

  • Diner Breakfast*

  • Banger Sausage (but I'd make it with regular potatoes)*

  • Shrimp Pasta

*From the Whole30 book

Plus, they're coming out with a new cookbook this December -- CAN'T WAIT!! Pinterest is also your best friend during this challenge. I'm starting to work up my week 2 meal plan so I will share that when it's finished!!

his coming week will be a big challenge. We have wedding tonight and I am eating out with friends and family Monday and Tuesday. We are preparing for the wedding by eating a big lunch before go and already committed to no drinking. My sister is doing Whole30 also so she will be right there with us and my brother is 20, so we can all have some good old fashioned fun together!!!

Eating out will be tough...I've already researched the restaurants and am happy to see they have gluten free menus and am planning to eat steak and veggies both nights, can't complain about that!!

We will be continuing to take it day by day and slowly but surely make our way to day 30!!

Starting Whole30 | Week 1 Meal Plan | Prepping for Whole30

Starting Whole30 | Week 1 Meal Plan | Prepping for Whole30

Whole30 Week 2 Meal Plan

Whole30 Week 2 Meal Plan