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Should I get a fitness tracker?

A few weeks a go, I had to drive to woodfield to get my Microsoft Band 2 Fixed! It had been out of commission for about a week.

I know that many people go through this when they forget their fitbits or other trackers and they are annoyed that they aren't getting their steps counted! I agree, and sometime get annoyed with myself, when this happens!


I think that depends on what you are looking for, but my short answer is yes. WHATEVER GETS YOUR BOOTY MOVING IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING!!! Of course, if you don't think a fitness tracker will help you move more, then it may not be a good investment for you! 

For all my friends that have a sitting job - you should get one. You should do your best to take breaks from sitting every hour and try to get as many steps as you can.  You can set reminders to get up and even just stand up or walk to get some water. These breaks have a dramatic effect on our health! You don't have to walk a million miles, just even standing up for a minute every hour can benefit your health!

Here is a great podcast on how sitting is making us fat and unhealthy. 

The other issue is if we want to lose weight, we need to be eating the right amount of calories. So many of us have that "1200 calorie" number for weight loss ENGRAINED in our heads and it truly isn't the way to lose FAT in a healthy manner LONG TERM.

70% of the weight we lose is from muscle mass. Since we need muscle to raise our metabolism, this theory is hurting us in the long run. This is why so many people end up gaining the weight back PLUS some. (I've done that many many times) 

It's important to fuel our bodies in a way that will help us burn fat (if that's your goal). We can't be at a caloric deficit all year because our bodies are meant to survive, and if you are always at a deficit, it will just lower your metabolism, and keep your fat around because it's a good energy source.

My Microsoft Band estimates how many calories I burn each day and that is a good base of how much I should be eating. We can't always be at a deficit, but now I have a solid number to help me go from. I burn around 2050 calories each day, without working out, so eating 1200 calories a day is starving myself and not helping me AT ALL. 

Now , this is an estimation, and you should trust your body and see how it reacts to different calorie levels, but its a good baseline for what you should do.

What tracker is the best? I don't know. You'll have to research that and find exactly what you are looking for. I have a Microsoft Band (similar to an apple watch but not apple and not as expensive) and i used to have a fitbit before they were recalled.  A lot of people have the fitbit and you can do step challenges and link it to your my fitness pal and other cool things! 

My Microsoft Band does a lot of fancy things like tell me when i have call or text or email and allows me to reply to texts (its not easy but doable) and i can track different workouts and sleep and its pretty awesome. 

There are so many trackers out there - find the one that looks good to you and START MOVING!!

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