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Enjoying "Now" - Tips to be more positive, motivated, and less stressed!

Enjoying "Now" - Tips to be more positive, motivated, and less stressed!

  Something I have struggled with the past few years is having so much on my plate and not being able to enjoy the "now".

Are you a busy mom? Do you have a demanding job? Do you feel in over your head with the amount of things you need to get done? I often feel like my brain is spread too thin and I can't possibly start thinking about something new. Sometimes I feel like I am on a treadmill and the wall isn’t getting any closer.

I was so caught up in everything I had to do and letting the stress get to me, I was unhappy, overwhelmed, and ultimately wishing time away. I would wake up thinking “I can’t wait to sleep later” or “I can’t wait for Saturday & not make plans so I can do nothing”


If any of those describe you or your mentality - continue reading! If you know anyone who feels this way too - feel free to share this post with them also!


I’ve changed a few things I do on a daily basis and have seen dramatic improvements in my daily life and my outlook on life.

Here are some of the aspects I’ve changed in my day to day life that have really made an impact all around. I’m a better teacher, wife, friend, and person since I’ve made taking care of myself a priority. If you are treating your body like crap, you will feel like crap. It doesn’t have to be that way!

The major thing I had to help myself understand, realize, and practice, is that I don’t have to be 100% all of time. If I push myself to be the very best at every single thing I do every single day – I will not succeed. If you tell yourself, “I’m going to do these things most of the time” then, you will succeed and you will see changes in your daily life and mentality.

This is hard for me. I’m an all or nothing kind of person and it is hard for me to accept that I can’t be 100% with everything. Through the past year, I’ve made it a point to make specific goals and during that process, I make sure that they don’t require me to achieve 100%. 

Here are some highlights of the changes I’ve made and I will go into more depth on each of these in my next post!

1) Nutrition

Food is always my downfall. I love French Fries and chips. In order to feel better and less stressed, nutrition is number 1. Every single thing you put into your body dictates how you feel and how you act. Once I started tuning into my body's responses to food and listening to what was happening, I was able to realize that eating like crap, I felt like crap.

You have to find a lifestyle that you enjoy and can keep up regularly. I am over the days of dieting.

I eat for the purpose of optimal performance. I eat for efficiency at work and workouts and I am committed to putting only things into my body that will make me feel and do better.

Do you want to be that, or clean eating, or paleo, or vegan, or gluten free? Whatever lifestyle brings you joy to eat, cook, and spread with others is the one you should choose. Most importantly, it needs to work for your body. You may have to play around and find the one that is sustainable!

Again, I don’t eat perfectly 100% of the time, but I am working towards it. I know how important the food that enters my body is and the more I research

Here are some highlights of how I eat:

  • Limit processed foods
  • Eat more veggies (and fruits too)
  • Limit saturated fats
  • Reduce alcohol intake
  • Minimal added sugars (sweets, pop, candy etc.)
  • Limit salt intake (usually happens naturally when cutting processed foods)
  • Cut refined grains
  • Control your portions
  • When possible, eat meats with no additives

2) Exercise

21 day fix
21 day fix

Are you one of those people who says, “I just don’t understand how you can LIKE working out!”? I was!!! I was a competitive gymnast my entire life and once I stopped doing that, I was like I NEED A BREAK FROM EXERCISE!! From that point on, I had such a challenging time finding a way to exercise and getting that feeling of looking forward to working out. I had to go from someone dragging me to the gym to me moving other things around because I truly want to get my workout in.

Working out gives you energy, focus, and overall added physical benefits. You can read thousands of articles that say people with the most success and most happiness workout every day!

You have to find something you enjoy doing. Doing this is kind of like speed dating. Do you like running? Then train for something! Do you like weight lifting? Then follow a weight lifting plan. Do you want to just torch calories? Then find a mixed program designed for your goals. The only way for you find out what workouts you like are to commit to trying new exercises! You’ll know pretty early on whether or not you can stick with the program for the long term.

3) Educate yourself

Every day I read a chapter in a book or listen to a podcast of people who are teaching and inspiring others to live more positive and fulfilling lives. Educating myself on all of the things they do to make their lives better gives me specific ideas on how to improve mine. Reading or listening about this topic gives me hope that mine can be better.

I also educate myself on fitness, nutrition, and mental wellness. I educate myself on using social media and by connecting with others. The more information about how I can improve my help gives me a better idea of how my body works.

The more you educate yourself, the more ways you have to improve your life. The more you study what you are trying to be, the more likely you will make that happen!

4) Surround yourself with positive people


The people around us are most often the ones who bring us down. Whether that is their negativity or lack of support, it is difficult to be better at something when there are so many people bringing you down. This goes for in person and on social media. Fill your feeds with positive, uplifting, and valuable information. Keep company of people who help you thrive!

5) Create a system to keep you organized

There are so many things to get done in a day and it can often be overwhelming and feel like you don’t have time to do the things you need or the things you like. One thing I’ve noticed since starting to take better care of my mind and body is that I am significantly more efficient with the work that I do complete. I finish things quicker and my mental processes move faster. This is HUGE in creating time for other things!

Either way, sometimes things get put off or lost when you have so much going on, so I utilize my calendar! I schedule EVERYTHING. I schedule time to work out, time to meal prep, specific times to spend with my husband, family, and friends! I schedule exactly when I’m going to do school work or beachbody work. I schedule what I am cleaning in the house each day. Scheduling makes me feel better because I’m organized with what I need as well as holds me accountable for getting things done efficiently :)


I hope you enjoyed this post! In the next few posts I’ll be more specific on the systems that I used to stay organized.

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